Why Chose Us

The Condominium Specialists

This is why they use our services!

Chiang Mai Condominiums takes pride in working harder and going further to support our clients.

We guide you through every step of the way.

At Chiang Mai Condominiums we understand that you need practical, easy-to-understand advice from an agent that you can trust. After all, the decision to buy a property can have a lasting impact on the rest of your life.

We can guide you on returns on investments.

Property investment is often described as ‘safe as houses, yet there are always risks. Here at Chiang Mai Condominiums we will not shy away from outlining those risks to you and will provide you with a true and practically guide on expected returns.

We can help you gather a portfolio of properties.

Chiang Mai Condominiums can help to build your property portfolio as quickly as possible by ensuring that we provide you with the best possible investments. Introduce you to handpicked investment opportunities. We use our highly qualified professional links allowing you to maximise your profits.

We are able to manage the property for you in your absence or take complete care of the rental tenant.

Chiang Mai Condominiums will take care of the complete property life-cycle ensuring that your property is cared for, tenanted and continues to appreciate in value. The complete range of services offered ensures that you can be insulated from the day-to-day dramas of dealing with tenants but still be fully informed as to the status of your property and its tenants.


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